Turnkey website or online store development

Turnkey website or online store development

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Option of ordering a turnkey website for those who want to get a guaranteed decent result. Yes, you can create a site yourself in a good designer and will turn out at least not bad. But, still, people for whom this is the main activity, cope better. Let's look at services where you will gladly render this service.
Let's look at services where you will gladly render this service.
There are hundreds of web studios and tens of thousands of freelancers on the web. The chances of getting a good result from the former are, on average, higher, but not always. Among the singles, too, a lot of excellent professionals, but their services, as a rule, are also not cheap. Is it worth it? It depends on the nature of the problem and your mindset. Self-construction of the site is almost always cheaper. Almost, unless you do not turn it into a torture - something you obviously do not want to do, but once started, you have to bring it to an end, at least in some way.
When choosing a studio or freelancer, you should pay special attention to the portfolio and the set of benefits that they are willing to provide you for the agreed or specified cost. With freelancers you need to clarify all the nuances right away, so that you don't end up with "oops...". The studios usually have packages with fixed rates, but you need to carefully read the terms - what is included in them? It often happens that you pay, and then it turns out that you have to pay more for this and that, because these things are not included in the basic package. Let's move on to the list of proven platforms for ordering a ready-made website. How much does a turnkey website cost? 
 The cost of a site depends on several factors: the type of project (business card, store, etc.), the level of complexity, the pricing procedure for the chosen studio or freelancer, the number and cost of additional services, the cost of renting a hosting / domain or designer, the need for further support or lack thereof. Based on this, it is difficult to give an exact figure, each case is individual, plus / minus. 
 However, you can rely on the studio's flat rates and get an approximate price range. By the way, mind you, many indicate prices in the manner of "from 4999 rubles", that is, they understand that in the process the project may rise in price if there are noticeable deviations from the standard scope of services for the customer's task. Business card business card strife, the same with shops. 
 You never know, they asked for an ordinary business card, and then they still needed to write a custom calculator for services, make up a unique design from scratch, etc. As the complexity and volume of work increased, prices would also change to some extent. This is fine. You need to immediately look / agree on what is included in the specified fixed price in order to avoid misunderstandings. 
 Let's summarize the pricing for ready-made sites. Business cards are always cheaper than stores. On average, their cost starts from $ 50-70, but it is adequate to count on a figure of $ 100 - domain, hosting, some modifications and additional services will also cost something. For a store, you need to cook $ 150-200, that is, with a small margin for the same reasons. It is clear that the price depends on the studio chosen or the particular freelancer. Some raise prices just like that, others dump - go figure out what is worth your money and what is not. The main thing is to carefully choose the contractor and clearly clarify what is included in the cost of the work. As in everything, in general. Where to order a turnkey business card site 
 The best option in this category of tasks is the Wix Marketplace. On this engine, designers make very interesting layouts. In terms of functionality, there is almost everything: something is implemented through applications, something is custom-made through scripts, databases and manually assembled applications. The engine is rich in features, it collects beautiful and powerful business sites that are not similar to each other. In the case of self-development, it also turns out well, but, believe me, a professional will solve the problem much more interesting and practical than a beginner. 
 For prices, you should focus on $ 100-150, depending on your requests. The service has a lot of services - they will make a logo and other graphics, set up everything that is needed, create and beautifully position text and visual content, set up promotion, optimize the site for high loading speed on PCs and smartphones, collect and set up custom forms, databases, various triggers to receive applications, synchronize with social networks, connect contextual advertising, help promote the brand in the network's media space. In general, a full cycle. The engine allows, and the site experts do not take anyone, the selection is tough. Where to order a turnkey landing page 
 Landing is a delicate matter. A simple type of site from one page, but it must be catchy and, preferably, at least pleasant to look at, and even better beautiful. They work well on Tilda. In the hands of a beginner, this is an ordinary WYSIWYG constructor, in which it is difficult to do something really worthwhile - most likely, you will get an average page, unremarkable, but not terrible either. In the hands of a professional designer, Tilda unleashes her potential. Such people get gorgeous layouts, there are many examples of this. The best of them just want to be considered, regardless of what offer they are promoting. 
 Therefore, those who need a landing page should probably use Tilda Experts. You yourself on this engine will not do what designers with experience can do. In this case, it is definitely worth paying for the finished result. The price of the question depends on the prices of the selected expert, but roughly you can count on 3000-5000 rubles. It is quite adequate, considering that the landing page, depending on the task at hand, can bring very solid profits. And do not forget to order contextual advertising settings - this is almost the only effective way to drive traffic to this kind of sites. Where to order a turnkey online store 
 Shops are usually expensive. Troubled type of site. Based on all factors, the Divly studio would be the best option for ordering it. It's about the cost and the engine they use to do it. From 7,900 rubles, that is, about $ 100, and uCoz is almost the best designer for creating stores that is easyabout its capabilities with profile CMS, and in many ways even surpasses them. At least in terms of functionality out of the box. They will make a store of any complexity for you - at least for 10 products, at least for 10,000 or more. But the price, of course, will be different. Yukoz supports scripts, allows you to create a unique design - you can count on an individual approach, because the engine itself is such, it allows you to create whatever you want with the design and functionality of the store. 
 Constructors with a visual editor and next to it do not stand on eCommerce capabilities with Yukoz, like most CMS. If necessary, they will make a store for you and synchronize it with reporting from 1C, external marketplaces like AliExpress, set up dropshipping and all that. In terms of promotion, these stores are also at their best - the built-in advertising module allows you to effectively promote the site. In addition, sites on this engine work quickly, have protection against DDoS attacks and other safety net. It is comfortable to manage such a store: there are a lot of statistics, methods of accepting payment and delivery, the project can be expanded at any time, and specific functionality can be added. In general, an inexpensive and very promising option. Where to order a website for free? 
 You can order a site for free only from a friend or relative, if they know how and agree to do it for you. No freelancer or web studio will make a website just like that. The question is akin to the situation when you come to the store and ask the owner to just put you a bag of good products. In theory, he can agree, but the likelihood that a stranger decides to fork out for no reason is very low. You can, of course, ask a freelancer or studio to make you a good website for free. Like, work for me for three days, a week or two just like that. You will make their day with this offer. 
 People who know how to make websites have practiced, put their time and energy into it, honed their skills, learned from mistakes. This is their product, selling which they, like everyone else, want to eat, pay utilities, buy clothes, go on vacation and all that. Free site ordering is nonsense. An acquaintance who is studying in this area and does not yet own the level of skill that they want to buy can do some kind of craft for the sake of testing. It is unlikely that something of high quality will turn out. It is better not to waste energy looking for free cheese, it will not end with anything sensible. Website creation is a paid job. Period. Conclusions and recommendations 
 For those who are not at all attracted by the idea of creating a website on their own, the best option is to order a ready-made one. It's not that expensive. It is only important to choose the right studio or freelancer. We examined the market for this kind of services and came to the conclusion that it is optimal to order a business card (read "business site") at Wix Marketplace, store in Divly, and the landing page is in Tilda Experts This is not a random choice. It's not only about the convenience of the services, but also about the engines they use. 
 Wix makes great business cards of any complexity in design and design, uCoz has great stores, and Tilda has great one-pages. We focus on the fact that the work will be done not by a beginner-layman, but by a professional designer / developer who makes a living doing it. That is, the results obtained independently and with the help of specialists will be very different in 99% of cases. Many will not be able to do from scratch the way they do. This is worth paying for, especially if the project is important. 
 Prices don't really bite. It will turn out to be 2-3 times more expensive in comparison with independent development on one of the specified engines. But you do not have to waste your time, break away from the main activity, learn the intricacies of web development. If you wish, then, of course, work on your own, it’s interesting, in fact. Ordering a ready-made website for those who do not want and / or cannot do it themselves, or the project is so important that there is no room for experiments, but a clear, professional result is needed. 


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