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VR and AR solutions for industry and education

Focusing ? on the industry and education segments, Giant Lazer provides innovative VR and AR applications: immersive training programs for employees and students, advanced simulators, as well as process and data visualizations and assisted reality applications for smart glasses.

? We are helping workers boost efficiency with specialized software solutions.

Working within multiple industries — logistics, automation and robotics, automotive, educational, and many others., we help clients navigate through a rapidly evolving landscape of new technologies. Thanks to close collaboration with WSB University, the company advises clients and provides solutions based on solid scientific foundations.

? Our customers include, among others:

  • Red Bull
  • Pilz Poland,
  • BCUBE Projektlogistik (Germany / Italy),
  • ING,
  • Dutch and Swiss branches of KPMG.

The main objective of each project is to identify an un-obvious use case of virtual and augmented reality ⚙️ in business and to find added value within the organization. It’s always about enhancing processes in the context of the organization’s business goals.

Giant Lazer also provides a handful of well-thought-out B2B products that constitute a VR / AR platform for the industry. Within the platform, customers have fast and flexible access to VR / AR content without having to bear the cost of software development. It allows them to build advanced usage scenarios for multiple users.

? VR / AR / MR technologies demand a unique skill set from the creators. Giant Lazer is an interdisciplinary team of tech visionaries, developers, and designers who constantly widen their horizons. The company is continuously adapting to the dynamically changing technological environment.

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Wrocław, Poland


$50 - $99

10 - 49

Founded in 2015



VR training module on risk evaluation and factory security concepts for Pilz Polska

EHS training with 360° video technology

Jumbo Trailer Inspection Training

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