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What's your mission?

Organizations and technology are constantly changing; the evolution of new and exciting ways to complete what was once thought impossible is now an exciting reality. Market leaders are expected to navigate these changes, drive innovation and streamline their client experience. This has to be done all while maintaining the status quo – a daunting mission to embark upon. 

Launchcode is a technology consulting firm that specializes in software and hardware solutions that propel businesses forward. We take great pride in our ability to simplify and guide our clients through the art of what’s possible. Whether the initiative is workflow automation, mobile app development, web application development or data analytics we are there to ensure our partners’ mission has been accomplished. We are rocket fuel for your business; we are not limited to one specific department, industry or by a product.

So… What’s your mission? - It’s a big question. One that comes with risks, challenges and tough decisions. But it’s also a question that can open up new markets and new ways of thinking. 

It’s a call-to-action to set your sights beyond today and towards the future. To chart your course and accelerate your business past your competitors. There are a lot of questions facing your business, but there’s one sure way to propel it forward – Launchcode

Tell us, 

What’s your mission?

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Calgary, Canada


$150 - $199

10 - 49

Founded in 2005



SOL - Intelligent Scheduling

Olympia - Mobile App and Portal Creation

myGCA - Administrative and User Portal

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