Lee & Associates

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PR & Advertising

We believe a successful relationship between a client and our
agency is based on these fundamentals:

*The best match of capabilities to needs.
*Total agreement on objectives.
*Constant accessibility.
*Continuous interaction.

And, underlying all, mutual respect and trust.
While we generally conduct annual programs for our clients,
we offer our services on a project basis, as well.

We've Been Around
*We've been around. In fact, since 1950!...and we've been growing and evolving with our clients ever since.
*We are a compact, interactive team of public relations and advertising professionals with credentials to match.
*Members of our staff have won numerous awards for outstanding accomplishments in public relations, advertising, marketing and merchandising.
*We maintain memberships in a variety of professional organizations to keep in touch with our own industry, as well as our clients' industries.

We Are Expert Researchers & Analysts
*We are researchers and analysts dedicated to defining our clients' objectives, applying logic,
*Adding emotions and imagination and, then, producing hard results!
*We build creative mixtures with strong images, persuasive words, plenty of homework and lots of energy.

We Treat Every Client Differently
*We attend to our clients and their needs on a one-on-one basis, responsively, daily.
*Lee & Associates, Inc., is located in Los Angeles, and if needed, we can provide personal service nationally, via our network of hand-picked affiliate agencies. This allows our clients to enjoy national agency involvement without paying high overhead costs.


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Los Angeles, United States



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