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Let your hands talk to technology !

The human hand is our single greatest tool and yet, its interactivity with digital devices is limited by current technology. ManoMotion provides a framework for real- time 3D gestural analysis. Minimal hardware, minimal computing power. All that's required is a simple RGB camera.


ManoMotion is the leading company in hand tracking and gesture analysis in 3D-space by using a standard RGB camera and proprietary AI based software package that can run on any smart device. ManoMotion brings unparalleled intuition in human-computer interactions (HCI), refined through 10 years of research and development in gesture technology. AR/VR-glasses as well as AR software in smart phones and other gadgets is seeking true 3D gesture control for innovative applications.


ManoMotion’s core hand tracking and gesture technology is based on more than 10 years of research done by Dr. Shahrouz Yousefi and Prof. Haibo Li on Human Motion Analysis and Gestural Interaction at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. The developed technology has won several innovation competitions in Europe and in 2015, Dr. Yousefi received the Chester Carlson award for his scientific contributions within the field of natural human computer interaction.

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Stockholm, Sweden



10 - 49

Founded in 2015


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