Everything You Need to Know About Skip Tracing

Everything You Need to Know About Skip Tracing

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Skip tracing is a process in which hard-to-find people are tracked down — whether they’re debtors, fact witnesses, persons of interest, or other individuals. Often, skip-tracing a person requires more than just their basic contact information. Other details that may be useful to skip tracers comprise:

§ Social media accounts

§ Known travel records

§ Tax and other financial details

§ Legal and court history

§ Criminal history

§ Credit score details

§ Property records

Who can use skip tracing?

Skip tracing is extremely important to a range of industries. Law enforcement agents, private investigators, and legal professionals can use skip tracing to find individuals with important information about a specific case or who may be involved in it. People working in collection agencies may also use skip tracing to find defaulters.

What does skip tracing solve?

Here are some common examples of skip-tracing use cases in a variety of industries:

Locating debtors to collect a debt

Debt buyers and collectors should be able to skip trace people to collect debt for debt buying or in-house collections. However, current debt regulations and changes in phone numbers and addresses can make skip tracing challenging. To reach someone effectively and legally, debt collectors need the best skip-tracing tools to find contact information and up-to-date location.

Finding individuals who have skipped court

When someone doesn’t appear in court, it’s known as a ‘skip.’ Consequently, bounty hunters are called in, who can use skip tracing to track these people down and turn them in for their appointments.

Locating people for a case

Law enforcement agents, private investigators, and legal professionals can use skip tracing to locate persons of interest in a fraud, cold case, or criminal investigation. Often, people involved in a crime or investigation have a bigger incentive to hide. Thus, finding such people requires gaining access to the most up-to-date data as well as past records that may offer valuable information about their current whereabouts.

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