Idea Brainstorming Sessions

Idea Brainstorming Sessions

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Brainstorming sessions are a great way to create new ideas using the collective thinking of a group or team. Over the years, people have leveraged brainstorming to generate valuable ideas and develop creative solutions to address problems. Brainstorming involves using your brain to storm problems with creative ideas and solutions. 

Brainstorming generates solutions and helps train the brain to look at things in diverse ways. But it must be done correctly to get the most from brainstorming. Generating new, fresh ideas isn’t always easy. You can easily hit a wall or even become frustrated, especially if your job requires developing new ideas daily. 

That is why idea brainstorming sessions are so important. When faced with problems, brainstorming sessions or idea exchange forums can be very helpful in developing new, creative ideas and solutions. These sessions and forums provide a favorable environment for critical thinking and analysis of problems. 

But some idea brainstorming sessions are not as practical and productive. Attending a session where you feel your team did not achieve valuable anything would seem like a waste of time. But practical idea exchange sessions are revitalizing. Such brainstorming sessions have an atmosphere that allows people to think beyond their traditional or standard mindsets. 

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Below are some creative ways to improve the output of idea brainstorming sessions:

  • Select members wisely 

Brainstorming sessions with fewer members, like less than 10, are more effective. A small group ensures everyone gets a chance to participate in discussions. Also, include participants with different viewpoints and backgrounds to enhance creativity. Group members should appoint one person to record ideas discussed during the session. Ensure to choose a location that accommodates everyone.

  • Communicate the problem

Letting all members understand the problem at hand is always good practice. So, once members assemble, the session’s goal should be communicated. Any brainstorming session aims to develop creative and viable solutions to a problem. Many potential ideas give members more options to choose the perfect idea or solution. 

  • Generate individual ideas

An effective way to find a solution is to let participants take time as individuals to brainstorm ideas. Explain to participants that they can write down any potential idea no matter how impossible or strange it may seem. Having participants develop ideas individually ensures everyone participates in the process. Otherwise, it can be distracting at times as everyone tries to get a chance to share their ideas and also listen as others share their solutions.

  • Sharing ideas

Once everyone comes up with their ideas, members may assemble to share and discuss them. Set rules for the discussion, stating that participants cannot condemn or judge others’ ideas. Please keep the discussion focused on one idea at a time and allow participants to discuss what they like about the idea.

  • Create an action plan

Toward the end of the idea brainstorming session, developing a plan for the next course of action is essential. The plan should be developed after all generated ideas have been shared and discussed. At this time, the perfect idea has already been identified. Further research about the final idea can be conducted to ensure the solution is achievable. If the solution proves viable, it should be implemented.

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